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Bucket hats for men

Welcome to It’s really not that difficult to figure out what this site’s about, so if you’re reading this, there’s only one thing you could be looking for. Buying a hat is no problem. Getting the right hat for you is the difficult part. Why a site about Bucket hats for men? Well it’s really simple. I’ve been wearing bucket hats for years. Ranging from the super cheap bucket hats I’ve bought impulsively on vacation to carefully sourced imported bucket hats.

Bucket hats for men

Bucket hats for men

Why do I like them? Well it’s simple. There’s one for every occasion. I live in an area where we have long hot, dry summers and a bucket hat provides shade from the sun on my face, neck and ears. I’ve seen people wearing them in all walks of life. Hardcore gangsta rappers love them. Old men going fishing love them and everyone from golfers to battle hardened soldiers love bucket hats. The trick is just sorting through the wide variety out there to find the one that’s perfect for your needs. Later on I’ll add a section for the ladies but right now I’m sticking to what I know, which is Bucket hats for men.

If you live in an area with a lot of sun then a bucket hat is the answer. Whether you’re Clubbing, fishing, going to relax on the beach, playing golf or running through the desert looking for terrorists, a bucket hat will keep the sun at bay and keep you looking good. To me they’re just the epitome of urban cool and this site about bucket hats for men will continue to grow as I discover more and more great options and explore the various styles, sizes and uses for bucket hats.

As you read through the pages of this site on your search for the perfect bucket hat, you’ll find that I’ll be including news, reviews and exciting info on everything under the sun from different products and suppliers to info on the hottest brands. You can always find cheap and nasty bucket hats on sale at your local store and they’re often the best to just grab when you’re in the mood but if you’re shopping online specifically for bucket hats for men then I suspect you’re a little more discerning and like me you’re probably ready to spend a little bit more to find the perfect bucket hat.

Bucket hats for men come in various shapes and sizes. You’ll find that some are floppy and fold up. Some look better stiff and solid and the look and feel will depend on you and will be based on where you hang out and what you’re doing. Quality is very important. Especially if you’re paying more for your new aquisition. Different features are important for different people, eg if you’re using it to do the garden you might prefer a broad brim but maybe you just want a cool looking hat with a smaller brim to hit the streets. If you’re in the military, maybe you need a boonie hat with loops but if you’re just in it for the look and feel, maybe a reversable bucket hat with a cool logo is more your style.

When you’re looking through the different styles and suppliers online, be sure to take into account the delivery times and details as well as any delivery charges. Try get an idea first of the size that you want, to make sure that your new bucket hats fits well. Remember to take into account the different materials used. If you’re wondering about the website slogan, I saw a post on reddit asking ‘how to wear a bucket hat?’ and someone replied “Put it on your head.’ I like it because it really is that simple. There’s not really much that can go wrong with buying a bucket hat online as they’re not easy to break and the shipping costs tend to be low or nothing at all. Check out all the various options on bucket hats for men and then let the shopping begin!

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