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A bucket hat with face shield- Stylish and effective.

If it’s a bucket hat with face shield that you’re looking for then check out these options. From super stylish to simple and practical, there are more and more options becoming available.

It’s a weird new world we live in. I never thought I’d be writing about bucket hats with face shields but here we are. We have to learn to make safety stylish. The truth is that the world has changed and we need something to protect ourselves from a nasty virus like COVID-19.

Bucket hats have always been a practical item, worn by everyone from Golfers to Soldiers and rappers. They’ve served the purpose of protecting us from the sun for years. Now some innovative designers have come up with ways to integrate protection from Coronavirus. A bucket hat with face shield.

Should we really bother with a bucket hat with face shield?

Bucket hat with face shield for men

The answer is yes. Any face mask can stop infected droplets to some extent but virus droplets can often still break through fabric and can come into contact with your mouth, nose, and eyes.

Personally, I wear a mask when I’m out and about as I live in a COVID-19 hotspot. Many people, however go out without masks altogether. That may seem ok to them but this puts you at risk.

I’ve actually seen droplets coming out of someone’s mouth as they spoke and I watched them land on my clothes. Eeew. Were they infected? Who knows.

I also know that I touch my mask a lot. It’s something I find difficult to control. This can just spread the virus around

By using a bucket hat with a plastic shield, you get the benefit of a piece of plastic stopping those germs effectively. You also get a great looking piece of headwear that keeps the sun off your head.

It’s both practical and stylish. It can be challenging to keep the sun out of your eyes, look good, and still keep safe from other people’s germs but now you can. Get a bucket hat with face shield today.