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Galaxy bucket hat from KBETHOS.

The KBETHOS Galaxy bucket hat is one of the most popular hats available and has become somewhat iconic for it’s unique and fresh look. It’s an extremely sought after hat on Amazon and various other stores. Many people just love it’s stylish, exciting design.

KBETHOS Galaxy bucket hat

Galaxy bucket hat

The one shown in the photo is the original and most popular but there are actually quite a few variations out there.

Most people that have reviewed it on Amazon say that it fits as expected but just to be sure, when you order yours, you can use this handy size chart to make certain that you get the perfect size.

Make sure to read some of the reviews below as well so that you get the perfect hat.

Galaxy bucket hat size chart

Galaxy bucket hat size chart

There are a wide variety of options to chose from with various sizes and colours so you can get just the right one for you.

It’s always handy to see what other people say about the hat once they’ve bought it so take a look at some of the comments by people that have bought them and see what they have to say.

Galaxy bucket hat reviews

These  reviews of this popular hat will hopefully help you to make an informed decision. You might have to click on the image to enlarge it. To see more than 200 reviews on the KBETHOS Galaxy bucket hat, simply click here and scroll to the bottom of the product page.

Galaxy bucket hat reviews

Galaxy bucket hat reviews- Click to enlarge

If you’re still not sure about this hat, check out this video by Jeremiah Gant-Newton opening his newly delivered Galaxy bucket hat. There’s a bit of blank time in the middle, while he’s actually opening the package it came in but wait a few seconds and you’ll see hat being unpacked and you can see it from different angles.